Pocket Michelle Obama By Hardie Grant 

By: Tamani Lyn

Between Michelle Obama’s entire Becoming franchise and her being the first African American First Lady of the United States, her inspirational role to not only our country but women specifically was indefinitely extended past both of her terms through this.


As first lady, Michelle Obama served as a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating. As you can see, she stands for a lot that reflects the betterment of our entire country, even still.


Now, Michelle Obama is on the path of solely empowering women on their journey of 'becoming' through the impactful story of her life, throughout her new franchise. However, just a year before her book, Becoming released, ‘Pocket Michelle Obama Wisdom’ was released by Hardie Grant Books which is a small book of about 100 pages entailing some of Michelle’s most impactful quotes from her world-wide speeches that were noted within the book as ‘wise and inspirational words by Michelle Obama.’


Although this book isn’t an actual novel or ‘read’, it is merely a compilation of small quotes that can be motivational and empowering to any woman that comes across it! This is the perfect book to use as a pick-me-up especially during this time. As seen below, it is small and can easily fit within a small bag if needed!

The book is broken into 8 sections/topics of empowerment pulled from her speeches or notable quotes:


  • Women

  • Family

  • Herself

  • Barack

  • Success

  • Life

  • Education

  • Courage


This is the perfect read for a WOL Boss looking to get uplifted and empowered on a consistent basis! You can purchase the book here for under $8! Grab it and thank us later, ladies!


Book Information

Pocket Michelle Obama

Hardie Grant


ISBN: 978-1-78488-132-0

Publication Date: 2017

Publisher: Kate Pollard


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