Becoming By Michelle Obama

By: Camille Larynn

Michelle Obama’s ​Becoming ​attracted record sales its first day in stores back in 2018. Michelle Obama has toured the globe discussing the memoir and all of its real, raw and relatable content. Obama says she likes her life story and that helps her authenticity within the book.

When asked: why ​Becoming?​ as the title for the award winning book, Michelle tells Oprah : “​A question that adults ask kids—I think it’s the worst question in the world—is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As if growing up is finite. As if you become something and that is all there is.”

Michelle Obama opens up about her early life as a daughter and student in part: Becoming Me. Obama tells relatable stories about feeling the pressure to be successful as a youth and how hearing the sound of striving molded her during those years.

Becoming​ has received the praise and support of readers all over the globe, news outlets, talk shows, book club organizers and was named in Oprah’s Book Club 2018 selection.

Now, the former First Lady is back on the road discussing the new addition to theBecoming m​ emoir, ​Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice​. The guided journal includes over 150 quotes and prompts from Michelle Obama to ​give readers an opportunity to discover their own voices and their own stories through journaling.

What you can expect from the journal’s introduction:

"I hope you'll use this journal to write down your experiences, thoughts, and feelings, in all their imperfections, and without judgement. ... Writing is a way to process, to understand, to grow, and yes, to remember." - Michelle Obama

If you read and enjoyed ​Becoming: the Memoir ​or even if you have been inspired by quotes derived from the book; I suggest revisiting the book or picking it up along with the guided journal. ​Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice​ officially out November 19th, 2019.

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