By: Tamani Lyn

Actress, author, writer and producer, Issa Rae, has been coming for ALL of her things in the business world lately.

Just announced recently, Issa not only has just launched her latest season of hit HBO series Insecure she is also an actress in upcoming romantic comedy film, The Lovebirds, and now has her very own music production company Raedio

If you’re quite familiar with Issa, then you know her business endeavors are never ending. Aside from having a production company she also has a television production company, Issa Rae Productions that is quickly growing.


Miss Issa has also graced the cover of Essence, Teen Vogue, and more stemming from her hard work in the industry. WOMEN OF LYN thought of no one better to spotlight as our #GIRLPOWER Spotlight today.

We wish Issa well in all of her booked & busy endeavors! To stay up-to-date with Issa Rae and her many business moves, follow her at @issarae on all social media platforms, and be sure to visit her website at

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By: Tamani Lyn

Serving as an inspiration for women and girls that look like her all around the globe, the founder and CEO of plant-based, black-owned feminine care brand, The Honey Pot Co, Beatrice Dixon is none other than our #GIRLPOWER Spotlight!


As most of you ladies know, backlash has been centered around The Honey Pot Co recently for placing an importance of inspiration for young black girls on a pedestal through their growing brand during a mainstream commercial advertisement the company had with Target. (please see full ad below) However, the conversation about the uniqueness, innovation, and overall #blackgirlmagic centered around The Honey Pot Co, we think, has been overshadowed due to this. So, let’s shine some light on this brand with the facts!


The Honey Pot Co is the only mainstream feminine care line company that is:


  1. Black-owned

  2. Woman-owned

  3. Has herb and plant-based, biodegradable, cruelty-free, clinically-tested and gynecologist-approved pads, tampons, feminine wash, and more.

  4. Combined with the information above – nationwide.


Read below what Beatrice had to say when asked why she started her company, The Honey Pot Co:


“The whole reason I started The Honey Pot Co was because I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn't get relief. One night, an ancestor visited me in a dream and gifted me with a vision to heal myself. 

With her help, I created the Honey Pot Co to solve for what other brands wouldn't, using the power of herbs."


Made for women and by women? How could you not support?! To find more information about The Honey Pot Co, and how you can shop their products or support, please visit



By: Tamani Lyn

Comedian, actress, television personality, and author, Amanda Seales has been announced as The Real’s fifth permanent co-host (finally)! 


Constantly breaking grounds with the many things she's involved in professionally, Amanda Seales is constantly inspiring and motivating women all around the globe that look like her. As Seales has starred on our personal fav WOL Boss, Issa Rae’s, Insecure, Blackish, and host to her very own podcast, “Small Doses”, she has just recently been announced as The Real’s final seating co-host after their over a year long search for another leading lady!


“Once you learn more about you, you then have the formula to express why you should be in certain roles. We tend to spend too much time trying to figure everyone else out. Just figure you out and you'll be in the door.” –Amanda Seales on her growing career and new spot on The Real.


If you aren’t too familiar with the award winning talk show The Real, it is a panel featuring a group of outspoken and transparent female hosts, who are all going through varied life experiences, which include motherhood, new marriages and experiencing the single life. The hosts, who all admit to being "works in progress," bring their unique perspectives to topics ranging from the day's news to beauty, fashion, relationships and their own personal lives. The hosts include comic Loni Love, singer Adrienne Bailon, fashion expert Jeannie Mai and actress Tamara Mowry-Housley, and now, Amanda Seales!


We thought of no one else better to have as our #GIRLPOWER Spotlight other than the amazing Amanda Seales!



By: Tamani Lyn

The Queen of girls’ retreats, Founder and CEO of travel agency, Travel Journey KC and non-profit educational platform, MOVE Inc, former guest to our podcast, and more, Kristi Campbell is our #GIRLPOWER Spotlight!


Giving us (all) more reasons to stan her amazing spirit, Kristi announced this morning that she decided to 'pay it forward' by having Starbucks on her, for her followers this morning with a pre-paid barcode!


Catching us all by surprise with a free cup of coffee, she only asked of one thing: to pay it forward. 


Outside of being treated by delights, this made you think: “Have I paid it forward lately?” Pay it forward today ladies in any way that you can. Thank you Kristi for being so empowering and uplifting to us all! We wish you nothing but the best. 



By: Tamani Lyn

Without a doubt, Rihanna is an undeniable mogul of our time. From her wildly successful music career, to her well-known fashion sense turning into a now luxury brand, Fenty. To her beauty inspiring the launch of one of the largest black-owned beauty brands, Fenty Beauty, and more. She is not letting up ANY time soon.


During New York Fashion Week, Rihanna had her very first fashion show for her lingerie line, SAVAGE X FENTY. Known for her brand’s inclusivity and diversity amongst its models, which the world has been dying to see in many brands, her support at the show was of course out of this world and is set to air exclusively with Amazon on September 20th.


With back-to-back launches for her many brands, sis is definitely in her Bully SZN and we thought of no one better to give this #GIRLPOWER Spotlight to! 



By: Tamani Lyn

Actress, model, comedian, director, and (now) business owner, Tracee Ellis Ross, announced yesterday that she is launching her very own natural hair care line, Pattern Beauty!


Made specifically for the curly and coily community, Pattern Beauty encompasses a variation of products like shampoo, conditioner, serums, and more!


“Pattern Beauty is here to empower and nourish curly and tight-textured hair. 3b to 4c. Let’s celebrate our hair for what it is.” Ross said in a statement on Pattern’s mission.


Ladies of Lyn – it’s time to gather our coins! Pattern will launch on Monday September 9th at 9AM EST at


We thought of no one else to give this #GIRLPOWER Spotlight to other than the Tracee Ellis Ross. As she has been a huge inspiration to most women, we wish nothing but the best for her new brand. #GIRLPOWER


Follow @patternbeauty on Instagram for all updates!



By: Tamani Lyn

Singer and actress, 19-year-old Halle Bailey, has officially been announced as Ariel for one of Disney’s most classical movies, The Little Mermaid for their live-action remake!


Amongst controversy on social media, Halle is well-renounced for being one of Beyoncé’s R&B artists, a part of duet-group ‘Chloe x Halle’, alongside her older sister, Chloe Bailey.


Although this isn’t Halle’s first role in the television and big-screen industry, playing in movies like Disney’s, “A Wrinkle in Time” in 2018 and “Last Holiday” in 2009, and televised series like Grown-ish, this is Halle’s biggest role yet, as she is the main character. 


“After an extensive search, it was abundantly clear that Halle possesses that rare combination of spirit, heart, youth, innocence and substance – plus a glorioud singing voice – all intrinsic qualities necessary to play this iconic role,” said Rob Marshall, (set to be director of this film) in a statement. 


As Halle is constantly breaking barriers, WOMEN OF LYN thought of no one better to give this #GIRLPOWER Spotlight to! We can’t wait to see the finished product in theaters within the coming years.



By: Tamani Lyn

Announced Tuesday by The Academy, POSE is making history yet again for the LGBTQ community by snagging six Emmy Award nominations! 


As this is no surprise, in 2017, the series first made history by casting a total of five transgender actresses (more than ever seen before) while also serving as the largest platform for the LGBTQ community to have a presence on national television and a primetime series. 


Pose has also been nominated for a variation of other awards from the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, Golden Globes, MTV Movie, and so much more.


“Co-created by Ryan Murphy, the dance musical series about the New York ballroom scene of the 1980s and ’90s scored a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series as well as Outstanding Lead Actor in Drama Series for Billy Porter, who plays Pray Tell in the series.” – Huffington Post.


“The Category is: Speechless!” Billy Porter says in a statement, “Pose speaks a truth that has the power to transform hearts and minds. I’m honored and humbled to be counted in the number.” 


WOMEN OF LYN is a women’s empowerment organization dedicated to uplifting and empowering all women, if you didn’t know! We thought of no one else better to give this #GIRLPOWER Spotlight to, than the entire POSE cast. Keep breaking barriers ladies!



By: Tamani Lyn

From being Teen Vogue and Condé Nast’s youngest Editor in chief in their history, to being a beauty editor at Ebony and Glamour, to now, all in less than ten years, breaking grounds with her debut book, More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say), Elaine Welteroth isn’t letting up any time soon.


“In her book, ​Elaine Welteroth invites readers into her world as a biracial woman in the world navigating being the First, Other and Different (FOD) person in social, professional and personal settings.” – Camille Larynn (EIC, WOMEN OF LYN)


Receiving highest recognition from huge platforms like PopSuagr, Entertainment Weekly and even celebrities like Yara Shadidi, Luvvie Ajyai, and WOMEN OF LYN’s favorite woman, Ava Duvernay, (who wrote Elaine’s foreword), her work of art has obviously touched many to say the least.


More Than Enough has even taken Elaine across the nation with her book tour taking place in New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, and more. 


Elaine has blazed trials for many women who are the “First, Other, and Different” and WOMEN OF LYN thought of no one better to give this #GIRLPOWER Spotlight to! We can’t wait to see what else she has in store. 


Photo credit: Getty Images



By: Tamani Lyn

Our women have been back-to-back with excellence! Missy Elliott in particular has been killing it recently. With just having obtained her honorary doctorate degree from Berklee’s College of Music in early May, the music mogul has also managed to become the first (yes, first!) female rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! 

The five-time Grammy-winning, singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer, was honored in the 50th annual Songwriters Hall of Fame 2019 induction ceremony, last Thursday. 

At the ceremony, Queen Latifah inducted Elliott and gave a heartfelt speech on their friendship. Even our forever first lady, Michelle Obama, also shared her appreciation for Elliott’s great contribution to music. 

"Missy, I want to thank you for all of your trailblazing ways," Obama said in a taped video that aired during the event. "Thank you not for just sharing your gift with the world, but for being an advocate for so many people out there, especially young girls who are still figuring out how to make their voices heard."

Missy has always been consistent with displaying #GIRLPOWER and hasn’t skipped a beat yet, so we thought of no one better to give this spotlight to!



By: Tamani Lyn

On Friday June 7th, notable actress and advocate, Taraji P. Henson, testified before congress about the need for mental health counselors and education in the black community to raise awareness on lack thereof, in wake of a spike in suicides amongst young minorities in the United States. 

Overwhelmed with hurt and emotion, Henson stated “It breaks my heart to know that 5-year-old children are contemplating life and death..I just..I’m sorry” pausing in between statements to prevent from crying.


Henson is also the founder of the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, which aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health and illness in the black community. Her foundation is named after her late father, whom sadly passed away after being involved in the Vietnam War, returning with mental health issues. 


Henson, amongst few celebrities often time use their voices in national crises similar to this, in hopes to inflict change and spread awareness on topics that everyone seems to be too afraid to talk about.


Henson, without second guess, earned this #GIRLPOWER Spotlight from WOMEN OF LYN.




By: Tamani Lyn

THE Serena Williams has broken another record, yet again ladies and gentlemen! Although we are far from surprised by Williams' constant success, Serena has landed herself on the Forbes' World's Richest Self-Made Women List! In their fifth annual ranking of America's 80 most successful 'ceiling crashers', Serena is the only and first athlete ever to make Forbes' coveted list. 

With a staggering 23 Grand Slam titles under her belt, Tennis obviously isn't the only trade that Williams has mastered. With a sneaky business savvy, Serena has quietly invested in 34 startups within the last five years, and has most recently announced the launch of her investment entity, Serena Ventures, which will focus on funding companies founded by women and minorities.

Forever representing boss women around the world, Williams deserved this #GIRLPOWER Spotlight undoubtedly from WOMEN OF LYN. 

You can read more here!