Mentee of the Month:
Tahnijah Lyons

Meet our Mentee of the Month, Tahnijah Lyons. Tahnijah is the Founder and CEO of Women’s Empowerment Organization, A Whole Woman and is a Connecticut native and college graduate. Since a young age, Tahnijah experienced life on both ends of the spectrum, from having a privileged lifestyle to being faced with many adversities. Nonetheless, Tahnijah was able to maintain herself and build herself into the woman she is today. In doing so, she had also become a council to friends and family. Tahnijah found that being a resource and motiving people around her had become a passion of hers, in addition to her passion for women’s empowerment; So, when presented with the idea "A Whole Woman" by God she knew it was apart of her purpose in life. 

“I joined WOMEN OF LYN’s mentorship program because I have been wanting a mentor for a while and have also been following WOMEN OF LYN and Tamani for a while and admire the brand she has developed and her work ethic. I [was] also drawn by the way her mentees spoke on the program. I [knew] Tamani could help me create the brand/business that I desired.”

As she has grown exponentially within our program within such a short amount of time, our Founder and CEO, Tamani Lyn, is honored to be on her journey of growth with her and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things she accomplishes ahead.


To find more information about Tahnijah and her brand, A Whole Woman, visit her professional social media platforms: @tahnijahlyons and @awholewoman_.