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Mentee of the Month:
Mariam Conteh

Meet our Mentee of the Month, Mariam Conteh. Mariam is a DMV-based YouTuber and up and coming entrepreneur whose brand is centered around Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle.


Her business-in-the-making will be entirley on-brand as it will also be dedicated to the beauty industry (stay tuned).


“[Before joining the program] - I had been listening to The WOL Podcast religiously and it had sparked something in me that I was excited to uncover. Listening to the testimonies of Tamani and all the great women being interviewed moved me. I needed that type of impact in my life and around me to achieve the greatness I feel inside." Thus, prompting her to join our program.

As she has grown exponentially within our program within such a short amount of time, our Founder and CEO, Tamani Lyn, is honored to be on her journey of growth with her and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things she accomplishes ahead.


To find more information about Mariam and her company, visit her personal social media platforms: @ohhthatssmariam and her YouTube channel at by searching 'Mariam C'.