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Mentee of the Month
Raven Gillus
By: The WOL Staff


Meet our Mentee of the Month, Raven Gillus. Raven is a 24 year-old self-taught painter and entrepreneur based in the DMV area. The Prince George's County, MD native Boss began painting and practicing her craft in 2016 by watching videos and reading art books. Since then, she's wanted to take her passion of art and use it as a tool to give voice to her inner thoughts and share it with others. Thus, her joining WOL’s ‘Boss Academy’ to fuel her entrepreneurial growth even more.


She creates art on canvas with acrylic paint to artistically interpret her passion for black culture, women empowerment, and pop culture. Raven continues to find inspiration specially from black culture that has been prominent in her own life. Her hope is for other art lovers to connect with her art and for them to confidently express themselves in their own creative ways.


“My favorite thing about The Boss Academy is how tailored it is to you. Tamani really gives me the support, advice, and resources to set my specific business up for success. I love the balance of Tamani giving me the necessary tools to achieve my business goals while leaving it in my hands to actually do the work. Whenever I doubt myself or make mistakes in my business journey I feel motivated to do better and am held accountable to do so.”


We are extremely proud to have such amazing women within our Boss Academy program like Raven! Raven has managed to accomplish so much within our program since first joining at the top of this year, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.To find more information about Raven and her growing brand, please follow her social media platforms at @rgartistries and @raysthebarr.

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