One-on-One Mentoring Program Application

One-on-One Mentoring Program Application

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About our Mentoring Program

*Please see our mentoring Q&A for a preview of the amenities that we offer within our program that mentees have free access to for 12 months. Please also see pricing before applying here.*


Are you looking to start your business? Whether you're based in the DMV or out-of-state, our mentoring program is perfect for you! We accept virtual and physical mentees!


This one-on-one mentoring program is a 12 month intensive, tailored specifically to accommodate each girl’s needs (mainly entrepreneurially) whether it may be combined in the aspect of academic growth, beginner level entrepreneurship, or life in general. This program is for girls and women (ages 15 and up) who are in need of guidance and a dedicated mentor (our founder and CEO, Tamani Lyn) that will work with them directly to help them tackle their goals HEAD on with patience, diligence, and tough love. Take a step closer towards your future and apply today while slots last! We can’t wait to help you become the woman that you already have the potential to be!

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