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Mental Health Tips For Bosses By Alexis Davis

As many WOL Boss entrepreneurs already know, entrepreneurship is more than just glamorous colored suits, coordinated photo shoots, and eye-catching social media calendars. The behind the scenes doubts and tears can sink in, but only if you let them! As an entrepreneur, a WOL Boss needs to preserve their mental health throughout their life journey of figuring out true entrepreneurship. By paying close attention to these following steps, we at WOMEN OF LYN hope to point you in the best direction to preserving your mental health while you're on your way to becoming the best entrepreneur you can be.

1. Find Your Tribe

When going into entrepreneurship, it is easy to compare yourself to others that are in a similar industry. Instead of diving into the “comparison river,” incorporate the people in your industry into your tribe. Making these successful individuals a part of your tribe can be done in a variety of ways. A way to explore this is by creating a Group Me, What's App, or iMessage group app that can serve as a support group. While looking for guidance from these individuals, it is important to not try to imitate them. In your supportive group chat, you can also share tips and tricks that have helped you along the way as well as sharing inspirational quotes that have to pull you through your darker days of entrepreneurship.

2. Call Out Your Stressors

Every entrepreneur has a certain situation that when it arises, it feels like a blanket of stress is covering them. Instead of hiding under this blanket, take some time to identify the stressor and how it is making you feel. This stressor can highlight itself in many ways causing entrepreneurs to ask themselves a series of negative questions: Will my business make me financially stable? Is anyone going to buy my products this month? Is the message and mission of my business being conveyed the right way to my audience? When all of these negative entities begin to surface, it is important to cut them off as soon as they enter your space. There is never the "right" time to begin, only what's inside of you and that will always be enough to take over your industry!

3. Stop Overworking Yourself, Sis

Yes, of course, you may have to put in a few extra weekly hours to start seeing tangible results. But whoever said all work and no play? Having an amazing work and play balance is one of the best-kept secrets of entrepreneurship. You've built your business from the ground up and bettered yourself which furthermore, makes you worthy of play! The point of putting the work in is for you to be able to enjoy life on simple terms and to have easier access to the things you've always wanted to take part in. We are not spent working from sunrise to sunset every day of our lives. Creating a balance can also come about by celebrating the "small" wins. You do not have to wait to celebrate yourself until you have sold out of inventory. For instance, maybe you had doubts that a certain concept would come to life, but now you are seeing it blossom right before your eyes. That's all the reason you need! Remember, no one is going to celebrate you the way you will and sometimes you may not receive your flowers, but it is up to you to let yourself know that you are doing a great job sweetie.

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Sep 19, 2023

Major Key 🔑: “It is up to you to let yourself know that you are doing a great job“

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