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What Jeneé Naylor Has Taught Us With Her Future Collective Collaboration

Jeneé Naylor is a fashion blogger, content creator, and an entrepreneur. As a former store manager for Target, Naylor’s content piqued the interest of the corporation for a collaboration. On May 19th, Target dropped a new Future Collective collection with Jeneé Naylor offering chic and affordable styles. Naylor’s dedication to her passion in fashion paved the way for her to achieve this full circle moment. Below are key lessons to have the same success as a Boss:


Time Management is Essential


One of the biggest challenges Bosses face in time management is balancing entrepreneurship and a full-time career. Naylor was faced with the same challenge before the opportunity to blog full-time as a career. However, it required time management to be achieved. Naylor used her days off to create content for the week because she knew there wouldn’t be enough time to create quality content on her workdays. Taking the time to create or plan content ahead is a great way to stay on track with growing your brand without burning yourself out each day. If your day to day is hectic, try dedicating at least one hour of each day to your brand to keep it a priority without losing progress.


Prioritize Planning


Planning, along with time management, is highly influential in the success of your brand. Before leaving Target to pursue her entrepreneurship goals, Naylor planned strategically to finance and schedule her new routine. Prioritizing planning for your brand may not mean leaving your full-time career, but it provides the necessary structure to accomplish your goals. Setting weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals can help you to plan a routine to attain new milestones and growth for your brand.


Be Present on Multiple Platforms


Naylor has an Instagram page, YouTube channel, and blog site to showcase her fashion expertise. Creating fashion content across multiple platforms aided in Naylor’s ability to reach new followers while building a loyal community with the same interests for fashion. In Naylor’s case, it allowed Target to rediscover her for a partnership in a new fashion collection. It’s important to display your brand across multiple platforms as a Boss to better reach your target audience. Additionally, different platforms allow you to reach and target specific demographics so be sure to understand what platforms your target audience use.



Follow Your “Why”


Lastly, Naylor has taught us to follow your “why” behind your brand. When Naylor first started making fashion content, it was to showcase her passion while working at Target full-time. With time, planning, and creating content across multiple platforms, her brand grew organically because she built a community that related to her passion. As a Boss, it is vital to understand your “why” or purpose behind your brand because that allows others to feel connected to it. If you feel stuck or stagnant about the direction of your brand, try asking yourself why you started to begin to have a fresh perspective on your branding and goals.


Jeneé Naylor’s full circle moment with Target has taught us to manage time, prioritize planning, post on multiple platforms, and follow our “why” to find success within a brand. Check out one of Naylor’s YouTube videos down below to learn more about the process of collaborating with Target:


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