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Woman of the Month
Jayda Cheaves
By: The WOL Staff


Meet our WOMAN OF THE MONTH, 25-Year old Social Media Influencer, Actress, and CEO, Jayda Cheaves.


Most known for her massive and organic social media influence and building a multi-million dollar platform on her own, Jayda Cheaves has been a successful business owner since the young age of sixteen with a multitude of businesses, with her most recent venture being Waydamin Brand, which is her newly founded clothing line.

In case you didn't know, before there were 'IT Girls', there was Jayda, achieving millionaire status at the young age of 20 years old, with her first company (a hair line) Amour Jayda. With a following of 8 million on Instagram, and over 80K YouTube subscribers, Jayda's influence is undeniable. Therefore, over the course of 5 years she has expanded in multiple areas of business like clothing, swimwear, and soon makeup.


As Jayda is the perfect example of what serial entrepreneurship looks like for young black women, she has served as an inspiration and motivational force to all far and wide. As WOMEN OF LYN is honored to spotlight Jayda as our WOMAN OF THE MONTH this month, be sure to find more information about her at or by following her on social media @jaydacheaves.

You can also watch her latest interview below, giving insight into her trials, tribulations, and triumphs in entrepreneurship.

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