Woman of the Month
Monique Rodriquez
By: Tamani Lyn

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Meet Multimillionaire and CEO of renounced Black and Woman-Owned Organic Hair-Care company, Mielle Organics, Monique Rodriquez.


Rodriguez started Mielle Organics in her garage, fast forward to 2022 and Mielle has come from the garage to the shelf and grown to become a multi-million-dollar company sold in over 100,000 major retailers. However, Mielle Organics has come a long way from where it began.


“I have always been very passionate about beauty and hair ever since I was a little girl. My background is in science. I’m a registered nurse by trade.  I worked as a nurse for 8 years before launching the product line. I was already educating women by working in women’s health, but I felt so unfulfilled. However, I still liked the fact that I was able to help people. I’ve always been passionate about beauty and hair, but doing something in that space professionally never crossed my mind. People were always asking me, “What is it that you do to your hair? How did you get your hair to grow?” I was already playing and mixing things in my kitchen for my hair, but I never thought I could take that and help someone else until I was asked by someone on social media if they could purchase my little kitchen made concoctions.” Monique tells Forbes.


In regards to scaling at a massive rate, earlier this year, Monique secured a “significant investment” for Mielle Organics from Berkshire, which typically makes equity investments of $100 million to $1 billion in size. Needless to say, it’s a huge deal. But it’s not just about turning a profit for Monique.


She’s paying it forward with her More Than a Strand philanthropic initiative, which includes $200,000 in scholarships for HBCU students and $1 million for the brand’s Global Education and Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with Rutgers University and the Newark Business Hub.


On landing an investment from Berkshire Partners

“It truly defined how we are changing the narrative for Black women. This deal means so much more than just the figure behind it, it paves the way and it shows the value that we as Black women bring to the table.”

“[Black women] build great businesses, but sometimes we’re not afforded the same opportunity as our counterparts to scale our businesses.” Monique tells Create Cultivate.

As WOMEN OF LYN was honored to feature Monqiue as our WOMAN OF THE MONTH this month, you can find more information about Monique at Mielle Organics on Instagram at @mielleorganics.


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