Woman of the Month

Trinity Mouzon

By: Kendall Alexander

WOTM MAY 2021 (1).png

Meet our Woman of the Month, Trinity Mouzon. The New York native started her business, Golde, at the age of 23 with no resources and no funding. Mouzon, obsessed with leveling the playing field, started her entrepreneurial path with her life partner Issey Kobri in 2017.  Skipping forward to present day, Golde has grown to have done partnerships with Sephora, Urban Outfitter’s, Goop, and the Wing.  Mouzon is also the youngest Black woman to sell her line at Sephora.  Clearly May’s Woman of the month has earned your attention, so let's dive in!


Golde was created around the idea that wellness and superfoods should be more inclusive.  First, what are superfoods and why should they be made more accessible to us?  While there are no foods that can offer all of the health benefits that we would need to nourish ourselves, some foods are a little “special”.  Specific foods can offer important nutrients that can aid in good health and disease prevention.  Some of these foods would be berries, leafy greens, avocados, garlic, and nuts.  With the self-care movement becoming luxurious, Mouzon wanted to put a stop to the unnecessary inaccessibility. 


Golde’s first product was a Turmeric Tonic with 30 servings for $29.  Today the brand is selling beverage powders, masks, and detox powders. The beverage powders contain superfoods in flavors like matcha, pineapple, and of course turmeric! Her face masks are made with papaya and spirulina, these ingredients help balance and clarify the skin.  The reviews on all of the products are 5 stars, leaving customers coming back for more.  Starting her business with no resources or funds, Mouzon didn’t let inexperience in business stop her!  Keeping this mindset has led Mouzon on a path to have Golde now launch with huge companies like Target!


Our favorite thing about Mouzon is that she gives back!  In the early stages of her entrepreneurship journey she realized that no one was transparent about the series of unending failures that you will go through.  In the summer of 2020 every Monday she took 30 minutes to mentor a founder on their business!  Some advice that she gives to entrepreneurs is that it’s important to come back to the “baseline that your body needs”.  Meaning, always tend to yourself first!  Mouzon also urges entrepreneurs to stay patient because a business takes a long time to get off the ground.  We're excited to see what Mouzon has planned this summer!


Support Mouzon and care for yourself by shopping at https://golde.co. Follow Trinity on Twitter (@trinitymouzon) and Instagram (@trinitymouzon) to see any new products that might be added to the company. Mouzon is an inspiration to us all simply because her business just started with an idea and she was able to grow it into what it is today!  She launched without a financial plan, which shows that you don’t need to have it all to prosper.