Woman of the Month

Nana Agyemang

By: Kendall Alexander

We are pleased to announce Nana Agyemang of Every Stylish Girl as our Woman of the Month!

Seeing black women in the media and fashion world is something that was nonexistent growing up. But, for the past couple of years we’ve seen an increase in the media with women that actually look like us rather than what society wanted us to look like. Rihanna isn’t the only person we have to thank for that! Multimedia journalist and entrepreneur Nana Agyemang has contributed to a world where black and brown people are genuinely represented in the fashion and journalism industry. If you scrolled past some fashionably sensible black girls on your discover page, it was probably from the platform Nana created on Instagram, @everystylishgirl.

She has worked with New York Magazine, Elle magazine, The New York Times, BBC News and so much more! Early in her career she recognized that there were not enough women of color who were given the opportunity to be a journalist. She also realized something that we all have felt when it comes to seeing ourselves on fashion magazine covers. We don’t, and Nana wanted to diversify the fashion world so that it could set the right tone of what true diversity is.

With a profile caption that says “dedicated to the amplification of Black and Brown women in fashion and journalism” Every Stylish Girl projects their purpose from the start. Every Stylish Girl (ESG) was created out of her’ frustration’ with the industry and the constant issue with hiring new talent. She gave the fashion industry zero excuses as to why they can’t diversify their magazine covers because her entire platform is a resource that can be used. An additional purpose of ESG is to make sure black women are credited for their contribution to the fashion and beauty trends that are usually exploited by the fashion industry. Through ESG, she wants black and brown women to be seen and valued for what their worth.

By clicking the link in @everystylishgirl’s profile, it takes you to a blog that offers services and events that all contribute to providing women with the skills and access to obtain fashion and beauty media jobs. One of their trademark events called “Sip N’ Slay”, is a brunching network event that has taken place in New York, DC, and Lagos, Nigeria. Some additional services that ESG provides are social media branding/consulting, community building networking conferences, diversity recruitment initiatives and consulting, and job advertisement. With it’s growth in the past four years, ESG has been able to grow into a platform that offers training programs for college-age women. By telling stories about the lives of black women, social activism, and women entrepreneurs she has helped women around the globe launch their media career goals.

Nana’s newest creation is ESG’s sister page, @everystylishgirlbiz. This platform was created for women who want to change the world of business. Through this page recourses that elevate women businesses are shared in addition to providing insight and guidance form business professionals. She has continuously created resources for her community to thrive based off of the hardships that she had to encounter as a young black journalist. She describes business as “Black Women Boss Energy”, and it emulates just that! Founder and CEO, Nana Agyemang gives us all the inspiration to follow our dreams and to feel seen while we do it. it is no surprise that she is WOL’S WOMAN OF THE MONTH.

For more information about Nana and her brand, please visit her platforms @itsreallynana, @everystylishgirl and @everystylishgirlbiz.


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