Woman of the Month

Isis Breanna

By: Kendall Alexander


The wet April weather could never dim the light on this month’s Woman of the month. Meet Isis Breanna, a business and entrepreneur coach located in Dallas, Texas.  Also known as the Digital Sales Guru, Isis helps side hustlers and aspiring entrepreneurs turn their passions and aspirations into profit!  She teaches her audience and clients how to grow their clientele and brand by implementing social media branding, marketing, and monetization techniques. 



The purpose of a business coach is to assist and guide you (the business owner) in running a business, and Isis does that and more!  She helps her clients and audience clarify the vision of their business, making sure it aligns with their personal goals. One service that she offers is for clients who just want a one time meeting with Isis.  During this 1 hour and 30 minute meeting you’ll be able to ask Isis anything that will give you guidance and create strategies on how to have a successful business.  In this meeting she quells whatever uncertainties and insecurities you may have about your business.  Her most popular service is a 5 week intensive that she offers for clients who struggle to come up with a plan that will meet their income and impact goal. The last service that she offers is to be her business bestie!  This service allows her to give you the continuous support and accountability that you need to run a successful business. 


They Don’t Call Her “The Guru” for Nothing 

If you don’t think your pockets can handle her services just yet, Isis gives away tons of FREE advice all the time!  Her blog, “The Digital Sales Guru blog” is Q & A styled, so she gets right to the point on how she can help you!  She blogs about Instagram, branding and marketing, business and finances, and mindset and personal growth.  Also, if you can’t find the answer to a question you have, you can submit your question and she will answer it for you!  The advice that Isis generously gives away, most business coaches charge for!  Her Instagram @isisbreanna, is also a great resource to use for your digital entrepreneurial questions.  Not only is her instagram a resource, it is relatable to all entrepreneurs. 


Brown Girl Biz World

Out of the many entrepreneurial endeavors that Isis takes part in, my favorite is her private coaching community made for brown girls around the United States that are thinking of starting or currently running a business!  The community was made for entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and creatives who want to build a six figure brand.  Being a part of this community has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create monetization and marketing strategies, as well as stand out from their competitors.  Through monthly classes, coaching sessions, guest expert training and exclusive resources she helps turn your idea into a real profitable business!


Visit our April’s Woman of the Month on her website https://www.isisbreanna.com/TheGuruBlog.  You can also be on the lookout for when she opens back up the Brown Girl Biz World community by following her on Instagram @isisbreanna and checking the website https://www.browngirlbizworld.com


Isis is also offering a free course called “The Purpose to Profit Blueprint'', which is a mini course broken down into 3 lessons that will help you turn your purpose into a profitable business. Please reach out to Isis on her Instagram (@isisbreanna). She loves giving tips and helping out where she can when it comes to your business!