Woman of the Month

Nia Johnson

By: Camille Larynn

Meet Nia Johnson, born and raised in Bowie, Maryland; Nia is a junior at Bowie State University, singer and currently holds the title as Miss Black and Gold at Bowie State University in which she aids Miss Bowie State in upholding the standard of Bowie State University’s Excellency. Our Editor-in-chief, Camille Larynn had the opportunity to speak with Nia Johnson to gain more insight behind the multifaceted public figure.



CL: What inspired you to run for the Miss Black & Gold title?

NJ: I wanted to really challenge myself and use this to connect with the Bowie State Community.

CL: How have you grown since becoming Miss Black and Gold?

NJ: I do feel like I have grown since becoming Miss Black & Gold because I have learned about myself through this entire process. I have been able to self analyze and progress from my experiences.

CL: So tell me more about what you hope to accomplish as Miss Black & Gold?

NJ: I just want to uphold the standard of Miss Black & Gold and inspire as many people as I can through my platform. I plan to organize programs that will benefit the Bowie State Community whether it be a panel or something fun like a Sip & Sing that can bring the student body together. I also want to involve the student body in giving back through charity events and community service.

Nia advises her peers to always be mindful of the imprint you leave on people whenever you speak to them and try to make yourself memorable because you may never know who you have connected with. She stresses the importance of communication and learning how to put yourself out there.


Nia has been singing since she was in grade school where she developed her appreciation for music culture and has continued her musical career in college going by her stage name Nia Simone.

CL: Tell me who you are as an artist.

NJ: I am a very chill person so in my music you’re going to experience a chill vibe but I also appreciate a good turn up so I have a good mixture to balance my personality through my music.

CL: What are some projects people can be expecting and tell me about your latest performance?

NJ: I have been working on an EP lately and have been taking my time with it. In the meanwhile you can find me posting covers on Instagram and performing on campus. I recently performed at the CTV Community Access Awards with Mawty Maw (recording artist) and that was fun. I enjoy performing whether it’s in school or for special events.



CL: What are you studying and how do you plan to use your degree to benefit you in your career and in life?

NJ: Broadcast Journalism but I am learning how to be hands on behind the scenes so I can have full control when it pertains to my music and other productions. I want to show that I know how to work the system and that I am capable of earning accolades and completing things. This is just the beginning, the real work begins after college.

CL: What are some things you live by and keep you grounded?

NJ: Someone once told me “If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, then you’re not dreaming big enough.” I live by this! My dreams are beyond where the eye can see but I have so much faith in God and myself that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

On top of singing and giving back on campus, Nia maintains straight A’s, steadies a job on her campus and interns/volunteers for a local television station. Nia values time with her family and friends and finds that self-care practices like meditating and manifestations through vision boards help with life balance. You can follow Nia Johnson on Instagram @sidityni to view her music covers and learn more about her initiatives.


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