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Woman of the Month
Mariam Aminu
By: The WOL Staff

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Meet our WOMAN OF THE MONTH — Mariam Amina Aminu. As a Social Media Influencer, Youtuber, & Business Owner, Mariam inspires women far and wide to authentically be themselves as they chase their dreams in business, and life.

Initially beginning her influencer journey in the beauty and makeup industry (Sis is even apart of Sephora’s 2023 Beauty Squad, has collaborated with large brands like Mielle Organics, and Shea Moisture), her brand continues to grow, and she has recently embarked on inspiring her audience further through her newest initiative, Curators Through Christ.


Curators Through Christ, created by Mariam, is an inclusive community built to celebrate and encourage female creatives to live out their God-given gifts. After launching Creatives Through Christ, she created her very own

content creation e-book, ‘Your Purpose Isn’t Content Creation’ which circulated the internet as some of your favorites must have.


As Amina continues to inspire and influence female entrepreneurs and content creators alike, she is an inspiration to bosses all over, and WOMEN OF LYN is honored to feature her as our WOMAN OF THE MONTH, this mom


To learn more about Amina, and to keep up with her journey, follow her on all platforms @aminaplease.

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