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5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To By Tamani Lyn

5 podcasts that are a must listen!

Podcasts should be your main-squeeze right now ladies! If you haven't had the time to tune into a podcast, now is the time to indulge to stay motivated.

Podcasts are a great source of inspiration, empowerment and education that ultimately allows you to gain multiple perspectives and insight on a variation of topics.

Here at WOMEN OF LYN, we've created a list of the five best podcasts you should check out!

1. The WOMEN OF LYN Podcast

This one is a no-brainer! Our podcast is centered around uplifting, educating, and empowering all boss women through spotlighting female entrepreneurs (WOL Bosses) all throughout the country in which we also discuss a variation of topics jointly with our special guests. Through conversations about business, relationships and more, we talk about the stuff all bosses need to know!

With a reach of 16+ states and 8,000 plays internationally, we have impacted the ears of many boss women looking for a source of empowerment. To tune in, you may search our podcast, "The WOMEN OF LYN Podcast" on most podcast listening platforms! Be sure to leave a review and rate!

2. The Girl CEO Podcast

Ronne Brown's 'The GIRL CEO Podcast' is the perfect listen for female entrepreneurs that want to be enlightened on business, relationships, finances, and more!

Known widely as "the playground for female entrepreneurs," It's a great tune in for women to learn, grow, be honest about their shortfalls, and most importantly, play. This podcast is an extension of Ronne Browns Girl CEO community and an opportunity for you to hear from her and her amazing guests each week! You can tune into her podcast on all podcast listening platforms by searching "Girl CEO Podcast."

3. The Confessions of a 'Werkaholic' Podcast

Koereyelle DuBose's 'Confessions of a Workaholic' is an absolute game changer! Centered around sharing the success secrets of female bosses, Koereyelle dives deep into each of her guest's story when it comes to their journey of entrepreneurship. Ant topic you can think of, Koereyelle covers when it comes to entrepreneurship!

After listening to this podcast you will get a wakeup call to get to werk! You can tune into her podcast on all podcast listening platforms by searching "Confessions of a Werkaholic."

4. The Woman Evolve Podcast

Sarah Jakes Roberts' "Woman Evolve" podcast is bound to leave you shook with a word. If you're a WOL Boss looking to gain empowerment through Christianity, this is the perfect listen for you. Sarah Jakes is most known for her powerful sermons and uplifting words of encouragement through inspirational videos and clips - but her podcast is on another level!

You can tune into her podcast on all podcast listening platforms by searching "Woman Evolve."

5. The Heart & Hustle Podcast

Charisma Moran and Angelica Yarde have created the best space possible for women of color in the entrepreneurship world to come together to discuss anything centered around the aspects of business and life on the Heart + Hustle Podcast.

Centered around true girl talk and motivation content, this is the perfect podcast for a WOL Boss to tune into. You can tune into their podcast on all podcast listening platforms by searching "The Heart & Hustle Podcast."

Tune into these podcasts and let us know what you think WOL Bosses! Thank us later!

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Dec 11, 2022

Loved this list of podcasts! I'm pretty familiar with all of them except the last one, adding it to the list!

Replying to

We're glad you loved the list!

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