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Balancing Your Mental Health During Quarantine Like A Boss By Tamani Lyn

Daily life as we know it, has come to a complete halt ladies. Due to COVID-19, a majority of the country has been placed on stay-at-home orders, forcing self-quarantine to prevent further spread of the deadly virus. Although this measure was needed to protect the livelihood of our communities and has saved countless lives, being confined to your home, taken away from work, and having your daily routine ruptured, can be tough. During this time of quarantine and strict stay-at-home orders, your mental health can also be widely affected. WOMEN OF LYN has gathered tips for you to aid in balancing and maintaining your mental health during this time, like a boss.

1.Get outside

Try to get some fresh air at least once a day for 30 minutes to still obtain your daily intake of vitamin D which can positively affect your energy levels, WOL Bosses! Doing this at least five times a week, can heavily impact your mood during this time, for the better.

2.Create a daily routine

Creating a daily routine can prevent stagnancy and the common feeling of being lethargic during this time as well. Even if you create a basic morning routine (see below) to aid your schedule, we highly recommend doing so!

3. Have consistent contact with your friends and family

Keep an open line of communication with your close friends and family during this time for moral and emotional support! Talking to people throughout this quarantine can aid your emotional and mental state greatly. Take advantage of having community during this time as well, to keep your spirits up.

4. Gain a new hobby

Whether you have a business, are in school, work, or more – you probably didn’t have the time before, as you do now to pour into your hobbies or extra curriculars. Use this time to your benefit if you can, to finally pour into those things that you wish you had the time for ladies!

With the tips mentioned above, WOMEN OF LYN hopes you gain from at least one out of the four! Be sure to try to stay motivated and to take care of yourselves during this time WOL Bosses! Especially when it comes to your mental health. If you find yourself struggling with your mental health during this time, please call this mental health hotline for support: +1 (844) 549 - 4266

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06 de mar. de 2023

I loved all of these tips, especially creating a daily routine.

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