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Bosses Guide To Successful Business Ads By Alyssa Caggiano

Content creation is a keyway to building a brand through social media, yet social media ads can

significantly improve brand awareness, website traffic, and sales. Utilizing a paid ad on a piece

of content essentially boosts that content across a particular social media platform’s algorithm,

such as TikTok or Instagram. Below are the basics to using ads:

1. Consider Analytics

Before investing into an ad, consider your brand’s analytics to understand which social

media platform drives the most website traffic. By viewing your website analytics, you

gain a better idea of which platform generally performs best in terms of website traffic.

Investing in that platform allows for more organic growth in brand awareness and sales.

Additionally, it is helpful to review that particular platform’s analytics to recognize what

content provides the best engagement. This becomes essential in content creation for

future marketing campaigns and ads.

2. Create Content Effectively

Your analytics allow you to plan and create content effectively in that you can capitalize

on your top performing posts/content as an ad. For example, a makeup artist may notice

that GRWM’s have the most engagement, so creating a campaign or ad integrating that

content creates an effortless way to increase website traffic and sales. However, ads

should provide a call-to-action to convert views to numbers. A call-to-action encourages

your followers to take a certain action, such as booking a service, while explaining the

benefits of that action.

3. Invest Wisely

The most vital aspect of ads is investing wisely. Although analytics and content aid in

gauging the success of an ad, ads will not always perform as expected. We recommend

investing a small amount initially to see if it is providing the outcome you desire. It is

better to lose a smaller investment rather than a large one. Also, these investments will

directly indicate what content/ads ultimately perform best to strengthen budgeting and

marketing efforts in the future.

Whether you want to grow your following or promote a new product/service, you can achieve it

with ads. Below is a YouTube link to learn additional tips and tricks to utilizing social media


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