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Bossy With A Boss Credit Score To Match by Alexis Davis

Adulting can be stressful at times regardless if you’re a WOL boss that is a veteran at adulting or a WOL

boss still getting adjusted to adult life. Before adulthood arrives, bosses often hear how important it is to

have a high credit score, but do not receive any instruction on how to achieve it. As always, there’s no

need to worry. WOL is here to help you be a boss with a bossy credit score to match. With this guide,

WOL bosses will be able to either begin to build their credit score or repair it, slowly, but surely. Just like

anything else worth having, it won’t happen overnight, but with faith and consistency, you’ll be well on

your way.

Credit can be confusing at times if not explained correctly. Since it does have a confusing nature, it’s not

rare for bosses to try to avoid it. It is better to approach understanding it head-on instead of turning in

the other direction because it is essential to achieving big girl purchases and long-term plans.

1. Check your limit, sis!

The first thing to pay attention to is how much credit you’re given versus how much credit you use.

When it comes time to get loans and other benefits, loaners do not want to give additional money to

people that have a history of maxing out their limit every month. The key to credit is to never spend

more than what you know for sure you can payback. At most, a WOL boss should only spend 30-40% of

their credit line.

2. Timeliness is key

Another practice a WOL boss can utilize every day is paying your already existing bills on time. Timely

payments can get someone very far in the credit far. This practice is also a good idea for someone that

may not have a credit card or has very little information for a credit union to gather. When looking for

other loans or to make big-ticket purchases, payment history is a great tool.

3. Secured cards

For our younger or college-aged WOL bosses, it may seem like your credit card options are little and far

in-between. One option that may work for this group is getting a secured card. With a secured card, the

applicant is required to pay a security deposit. Once the security deposit is made, the credit card issuer

holds it as collateral which will show against what is being spent. If the WOL boss is no longer able to

make the payments then the company will use the deposit to pay off the debt.

4. Account ages

An easy credit builder can also be to increase your account ages. This is a quick and easy tip because all

one has to do is keep their account open. The account that is being kept open can be a debit card or a

credit card. When someone is constantly opening and closing accounts is can serve as a red flag for a

prospective loan or credit card application.

With these credit tips, we hope WOL bosses will be able to confidently start taking the necessary steps

to become financially free. We can’t wait to see you posting all of your big girl purchases and moving

towards the life you deserve!

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