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Branding Basics For Bosses By Alyssa Caggiano

The best way to brand your business or organization is to have a consistent brand image. A brand image is how customers perceive your brand and what they associate with it. Having a strong brand image allows your brand to be easily recognized and memorable to customers. Below are ways to improve your brand’s image to have more consistent growth:

1. Brainstorm

Whether you’re branding or re-branding your business, you should always start by brainstorming what characteristics you want your brand to entail. You’ll find the characteristics associated with your brand image will often connect with your target audience. For example, Women of Lyn has a consistent brand image centered around boss content and female empowerment, and our target audience believe in that same mindset. It’s helpful to know your target audience to brainstorm your brand’s unique personality and image.

2. Use That Logo

Creating a logo is one of the most important steps in branding your business because it’s a way for customers to easily recognize your brand in your advertisements and posts. You should consider a number of factors in designing your logo, such as color scheme, typeface, sizing, etc. Once your logo is created, it’s important to feature it on your products and in your advertisements/posts. The more you use your logo the more likely customers will recognize your brand. Therefore, altering or changing your logo should be avoided, unless you’re rebranding, to prevent confusion among your customers.

3. Advertise Consistently

One of the key factors in successfully branding your business is being consistent. Whether you’re advertising your products/services on social media or via email, utilizing the same color scheme as your logo throughout your posts, packaging, etc. will aid in building a strong brand image among your customers. Customers should be able to easily identify your brand through your content, so it’s crucial your advertisements and posts are relevant to your brand and your products/services. Additionally, posting regularly helps in keeping your brand fresh in the minds of consumers, especially during sales and promotions.

With time, these branding basics will help you find success in building a strong brand image and connection among your customers.

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