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Women's Holiday Safety Tips By Raven Gillus

It's the holidays ladies! Gain some tips on being safe during this time.

The holiday season is a time for family, joy and giving. Unfortunately, it’s also a time where safety concerns heighten, especially for women. Let’s be real, women have to take various safety precautions when going out on a regular basis. During the holidays, women are more vulnerable to thefts and other crimes. Ladies, we want you to stay safe and stay in the spirit of the holidays.

Holiday shopping

  • Dress down – thieves will target those who they believe have valuable items.

  • Walk with your head up. Avoid looking down at your phone to be aware of your surroundings.

  • Hold your purse close to you. Strap your purse to your shopping cart with a carabiner clip to prevent someone from stealing it.

Safety in your car

  • Have your keys in your hand before you get to your car. You do not want to spend vulnerable time trying to find your keys in the bottomless pit of your purse.

  • As soon as you get in the car lock your doors

  • Don’t sit in your car after you have just gotten in it. Leave from your parking space as soon as possible.

Preventing break ins

  • If you are away on vacation during the holidays, have someone you trust check on your home while you are away.

  • Don’t share on social media when you’re leaving your home to go on vacation in real time. Wait until you are back home.

Stay safe ladies and happy holidays!

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Nov 27, 2022

These are great holiday tips!

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