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Home Office Essentials For Bosses By Alexis Davis

In today’s unprecedented times, it can be easy for the mind to get consumed with fear or worry of what the next day will bring. The average workday that used to consist of hitting snooze on your alarm clock, finally waking up, and putting on your favorite blazer to head into work looks a little different these days. For some WOL Bosses, we even get an extra boost of motivation by seeing our coworkers hard at work. These sightings of proactive coworkers are now only seen through the lens of a webcam alternating between Zoom and Microsoft Teams. With the world seeming like it is spiraling out of control, you can take life back by the reins by adding these five elements to your at-home work space!

1. Burning Sage

Dating back to the early beginnings of the Egyptian pyramids, sage has been used as a way to cope and protect against negative energy. Sage also has origins of Greek medicine and Roman influence. Not only does sage have helpful mental elements, it also can be put at the forefront of fighting germs which is needed more than ever right now with COVID-19. Sage is known to remove certain bacteria from the air and get rid of unwanted insects. By using sage, you will be able to cleanse your workspace for a day full of positive balance.

2. Motivational pictures

When you're always on the go like a WOL Boss, your mind is constantly filled with the next big idea. By taking large amounts of time to sort through your ideas, you may forget to take some time to read over some motivational quotes. By taking your favorite quote and framing it in your work area (find some of ours here), you eliminate having to find it. Instead, it is displayed for you to browse at with convenience. Motivation also may come in the form of pictures of family and friends framed in your office. Seeing the faces of those you love the most can assist you in getting through your day by seeing your “why.”

3. Illuminated Room

When a room has dim lighting, it can put a dark cloud over the day ahead of us. Making sure the space you have sat aside for work is illuminated well, can make a massive difference in the way the day starts and ends for our WOL bosses. Bright lights are signs of positivity and creativity. This priceless hack does not have to be sunlight. Adding decorative light fixtures to your space is a great way to put that first positive foot to conquering the day forward.

4. Stationary

Stationary adds an extra organizational level to your at-home work space. This addition includes planners, notebooks, and even customized pens. Having a consistent color theme with stationary and organizational tools is also easier on the eye instead of contrasting colors. With the current circumstances, anything that is easy and soothing to the eye can be appreciated. Customized stationary can also add a sense of purpose to the day and adding an official touch to any workspace.

When the events of tomorrow are uncertain and the impossible seems to be occurring every day, it is essential to take time to organize your space. You have complete control over your space. Exercising your right to your control, even in your at-home workspace, can be the determining factor in your positive projection of your workday ahead.

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