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How To Maintain New Years Goals By Alexis Davis

It’s a new year WOL Bosses! The gyms are filling up with slim body hopefuls, everyone around you seems to have a business venture, and pledging to leave procrastination in the past. All of these plans and goals are amazing, but what is the point of making these grand plans if there is no true execution behind it? WOL wants to ensure that 2021 is a year for the books for all of you ladies, and wants to provide an aid to achieve longevity for your new year endeavors.

Being a Big (Obtainable) Dreamer

The first steps to making sure your new year plans are still around in December is to start off with goals that are obtainable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a big dreamer, but dreams will stay dreams until a dependable and well thought out plan is attached to them. For those dreams that appear to be larger-than-life, make a separate miniature or individual plan for them to keep from abandoning them.


Once you have broken down the various steps of what exactly your goals are, it is essential to make the commitment. When making the commitment, you must start with yourself. Speaking positivity over your capability to have your goals completed by the end of the year is also imperative. Make a promise to yourself involving the fact that you are worthy of achieving everything you desire as well as being deserving of all the benefits that will come your way once they are completed. Another way to enforce commitment in your own life is by sharing your goals with someone you trust so they can hold you accountable if you begin to stray away from the promise to yourself.

Accepting Prior Failure

For some WOL bosses, 2020 goals swiftly became 2021 goals due to lack of execution or simply because of the unprecedented times the world is facing currently. Assessing the failures of last year can help stop the possibility of these goals transferring over into a new year with no accomplishment attached to them While reminding yourself of some aspects involved in the failure, the goal is to use it as an aid to complete it this year, not to dwell on the fact that it did not get done in 2020.

Treat Yourself

Even if the year is changing, there is still no bad time to treat yourself. When you have accomplished one of your goals or conquered the first small step to tackling one of your larger goals, take time to treat yourself. This treat could range from anywhere to purchasing your favorite Starbucks drink with a little more carmel than usual or taking a day trip filled with self-care. The choice is yours.

With these insightful tips and tricks, WOL can't wait to see what gets crossed off your boss to-do list in 2021!

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Mar 28, 2023

Major Gem 💎: There is no point of making these grand plans if there is no true execution behind it.

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