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Me, Myself, and I By Alexis Davis

“Me, myself, and I is all I got in the end is what I found out.” Ladies, we follow all of Beyoncé’s other anthems, but we seem to constantly forget her most valuable lesson, self love. Oxford Languages describes self-love as regard for one's own well-being and happiness which is chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic. When you lose all the fancy words, self love is simply putting effort towards being kind to yourself.

As February is here, love is in the air. WOL bosses without spouses may be questioning their worth, but there is no need to do so. Everything we need has already been placed internally. If we spend our whole lives looking to be fulfilled externally, then we will ultimately never be happy. With this list of self care activities, us at WOL hope that you make the choice to be kind to yourself this month.

  1. Revisit old tunes

Music has a way of taking over your mind, body, and spirit. Go back to a time when you felt your happiest. Once you get your mind there, think about the top five songs that were on your playlist at the time. Get to work recreating the playlist and watch your mood instantly shift. Sit back, press play, and love on yourself.

2. Stop by your favorite restaurant

Putting on your go-to nude lip combination, those jeans that fit just right and the heels that add just the right amount of height can take your mood from five to ten. When we look good, we feel good. There is nothing like feeding your soul with your favorite meal by taking yourself on a date.

3. Print your favorite pictures

In a world where there is pressure to constantly go on an external journey to find happiness, we forget that sometimes it is right in front of us. Printing out the selfies you are the most proud of and placing them around your living spaces can serve as a reminder that all you need is you. Additionally, printing out pictures of loved ones can also force us to sit with the idea that we are surrounded by love and do not need to slip into internet standards.

4. Get new bedding

There is no other place that serves as peace as much as your bed. Getting new bedding is appealing to the eye as well as your sense of touch. New fluffy sheets increase your quality of sleep. When we are sleeping, our brain is completely quiet. With new bedding, you are taking advantage of down time. Bedding also goes hand in hand with getting adequate sleep. The average adult women should be getting at least seven and half hours of sleep.

5. Drink water

The fancy detoxes that are advised by gyms are not always necessary. Simply drinking a good amount of water throughout the day can boost your energy. Your water intake can also increase your blood circulation. Healthy hair and a more even skin tone also stems from drinking more water. Typically each woman should drink a little more than two liters a day. This can be consumed by eating fruit and not limiting yourself to only drinking water bottles.

Overall, grasping self love is more obtainable than we think. Creating small tasks that turn into habits is essential. After these tasks turn into habits, making them a part of your everyday lifestyle erases the tasks from feeling like burdens.

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Mar 29, 2023

I love the buy new sheets tip😍 I can see that changing the whole vibe of your room and sleep.

Replying to

Yes! We agree it can make a HUGE difference

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