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Rest, Recharge, Reset By Kendall Alexander

As WOL bosses, it’s easy to forget when you need to hit the rest button. In the moment, it feels as though we simply don’t have the time to rest. The act of “resting” almost seems like a luxury we cannot afford until we reach our quota of what it means to be successful. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see in the present moment, but resting is what helps us reach that success that we long for within our business. Over time, our body burns out because we never gave it a chance to rest, recharge, and reset in the first place.


Nurturing your body by allowing it to rest and recharge allows you to take care of your business swiftly and efficiently. When our lives feel like never ending work, the things that brought us joy (like being an entrepreneur) no longer do that. We often pack too much on to our plate and still expect ourselves to reach the unrealistic expectations that we set on an equally unrealistic timeline. Working in this manner leads to burn out, which puts the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur to a halt. However, all of this unnecessary stress is avoidable, if you give your body rest that it deserves.

It might seem counterproductive at first, but your productivity will increase if you carve out the time to rest. Your body is not a machine, it will not automatically work to the best of its ability just because you tell it to. Instead, the more rest it gets, the better it works. Meaning that your ideas will be more developed, you will be able to work at an efficient pace, and you won’t feel miserable while working. These are the ways your body shows its gratitude for you allowing it to rest.


It’s easy to get the idea of resting confused with relaxing in your bed while watching Netflix. The two are not the same. For your mind and body to rest, recharge, and reset you shouldn’t be focused on anything. Some practices you can try are napping, meditating, or constructive rest positions (this should be your last option). No matter how you feel about resting we are all capable of doing at least one of these practices. Your body will only recharge if it feels well rested. Rest so that you can recharge. You can’t do one without the other so don’t cheat!


Resetting your mind is not the same thing as resetting your phone, so stop putting it off! Nothing will automatically erase and get lost in the cross fire when you allow your body and mind to reset. What you do have in common with your phone resetting is that you will work in a more productive and useful way. As opposed to functioning in an inadequate and ineffective way simply because you’re too tired to think. Regardless of what you and your phone might have in common one thing is for sure, and that is that both are better functioning after having the chance to reset.

The owner’s self-care is what hinders the result of a blossoming business. Your self-care should be your top priority. Caring for yourself helps you take care of your business on a deeper level. Your mind will have the space to think of new ideas and take on different perspectives for your business. Making time for your self-care keeps you organized and one step ahead at all times. The next time you’re organizing your extremely busy schedule, don’t forget to pencil in the time to rest, reset, and recharge!

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Major Gem💎: “The owner’s self-care is what hinders the result of a blossoming business”

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Self-care is the best care!

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