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Starting Each Day With A Grateful Heart By Alexis Davis

The malls are being to be decked out in elaborate Christmas decorations and there seems to be a permanent pumpkin spice aroma in the air. Children are making their Christmas list (so am I even at 20 years old) and groceries are selling out of their finest turkeys. With all the holiday traditions being repeated year after year, we must remember to be grateful for what we already have. It is easy to long for ever color Telfar bag, but we must not long for it to the point where we are no longer grateful for the small things in life. With all the holiday traditions that already exist, it is important to add writing down the things, people or experiences you are grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to show thankfulness.

The importance of a gratitude journal

Documenting your gratitude helps promote positivity. Reflecting on the high points of your life and taking time to be truly thankful for them reduces stress, especially when being a business woman.

Once you have committed to having a grateful heart, it is important to have a plan for maintaining it. One way to keep up with this new generous habit is by setting an alarm in the morning as a reminder to write. Dedicate about five to ten minutes to completing this task. Also keeping the gratitude journal with you, and even leaving it open when you can, will serve as a constant reminder to refer to it.

In closing, the elements written down in your gratitude journal do not have to be sappy or deeply sentimental. The things you write could range from being thankful you woke up this morning all the way to being able to watch a certain movie. Our WOL Bosses can find the latest in journal and stationary fashions by visiting our Founder’s Amazon Favorites at

Happy Journaling!

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Mar 23, 2023

I absolutely love journaling! but can not remember the last time I added gratitude to my journal. That changes today!

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