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Tasha McCaskiel on Knowing Your Why

Black Girls in Media was founded in 2018 by Tashsa McCaskiel to create networking opportunities for minority women within the media industry. Since 2018, Black Girls in Media has reached over 90,000 people worldwide, as well as given over 1,000 opportunities to minority women. Tasha has remained successful through Black Girls in Media by knowing her why.

Below is our exclusive interview with Tasha:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I attended college at North Carolina A&T where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. With the desire to go into the entertainment business, I relocated to NYC where I obtained my Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University. I am the founder of Black Girls in Media, [which is] a community for Black women in the media space that provides opportunities to network, share ideas, and much more. Currently, I am a Social Strategist at HBO and influence my digital community through lifestyle, fashion, and career content. I consider myself to be the go-to person if you're looking to further your career in the media industry or gain inspiration.

How did you discover your “why” behind your brand?

In 2018, I was having a hard time getting hired within the media industry. I created a group chat for minority women in my field, thus bringing LIFE to Black Girls in Media. We are a networking organization and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) staffing agency for women in the media field. We pair corporations with our diverse talent to help begin the careers of thousands of women. We also hold monthly recruitment and networking events, as well as mentorship. It's more than getting women jobs. It's creating a community to uplift, support and provide opportunity for dreamers. I thought this business would initially help me find a job when in reality it's become my purpose. It’s become my reason and MORE to life. I didn’t have a blueprint to follow. I created my own blueprint that has blessed other women with the opportunity to create their own.

Why is it so critical for a brand to have a “why” or mission behind it?

The why keeps you focused. The why keeps you authentic and aligned. The why motivates you at times when you are uninspired or unmotivated. It's hard to give up when you have a deeper meaning behind it all.

How often should a target audience be reminded of brand’s “why”?

Constantly. Everything a brand does should resonate with the why and cater to the target audience.

Do you believe your “why” has helped you to overcome any obstacles as a boss? Why or why not?

For sure. I can't give up when thousands of women look to me for results and support. It's helped me overcome inconsistency, doubt and fear. I just go for it and I have a community to lift me up.

How can other bosses find or rediscover purpose within their brand?

First I'd recommend other bosses find their personal purpose in life first and then explore how they can use their gifts and purpose to start a business and serve God's people.

What is your current business Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn handle?

@tashjmackk and @blackgirlsinmedia on Instagram or

Want to connect with Black Girls in Media? There is a conference in New York on August 24th where you can find the same opportunities as Tasha in finding your why!

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