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Winter Essentials For Bosses By Alexis Davis

With fall leaves swiftly turning into snow filled branches, it is time to ensure WOL Bosses are bundled

up, but in a fashionable and bossy manner! This year’s trends range from rich chocolate tones to our

favorite throwback styles, and the experience of texture. When shining light on these winter fashion

essentials, it is even more essential that WOL Bosses remember to maintain their own individual style

while executing trends.

1. Chocolate Tones

This year warm chocolate tones are must haves! These different nude tones are a great wait to make a

statement while still expanding your wardrobe from just black, white, and grey. Some ideas to rock your

chocolate tones are pairing a brown bodysuit with dark denim or throwing a tan overcoat to tie up the

lose ends of any professional outfit.

2. Padded Handbags

Telfar Global just so happens not be the only way you can step up your purse game for the winter

season. Padded handbags with chain details are a very innovated to store your boss belongings while on

the go handling business! They are the key to adding a classy addition to any outfit while maintaining

poise with a special touch.

3. Faux Leather

It’s the edgy wardrobe for me! Faux leather can be included in any up and coming wardrobe as a staple.

These pieces can also be featured in a wardrobe of a more seasoned fashionista. Different ways to pair

your faux leather include jumpsuits, leggings, and biker jackets.

4. Colored Blazers

Colored blazers add just the perfect amount of bossy. These blazers work for going to brunch with your

favorite girl gang or taking meetings regarding your next personal business ventures. Regardless of your

destination, if you arrive in a colored blazer, you are for sure going to tell the girls to step aside and take


When following what's in and what's out in the fashion world, it is essential that as WOL bosses, we add our own twist on trends. Styling these items with your already existing pieces can also save your wallet when achieving these looks. We look forward to see you conquering the world day by day in your new winter favorites!

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Mar 25, 2023

These were timeless💕

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