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Dedicated to women on an intermediate level within their business, this one-on-one business coaching program is a 12-month intensive curated for women who seek to maintain and grow their current business through implementations of: advanced public branding, marketing strategies, and overall entrepreneurial growth tactics seeking guidance from our Founder and CEO, Tamani Lyn.


What steps do you need to follow?


  • Apply
  • Receive application acceptance email.
  • Schedule your free entry discovery call.
  • Apply for orientation + initial consultation coaching deposit.


After successful completion of orientation, clients will have access to the following:


  • Free marketing strategy/coaching calls and in-person consultations.
  • A free WOMEN OF LYN Physical Business Development Starter Kit.
  • 24/7 free access to all current and future business tools.
  • Discounted business development workshop tickets.
  • And more!

One-on-One Business Coaching Application

  • Please be mindful that although an application fee is free of charge, there will be an official deposit + final balance fee due for our 12 month program.


    Please see more information regarding orientation at womenoflyn.org/copy-of-one-on-one-business-coachin


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