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How Business Coach Kristi Jackson-Muhammad Became a White House Recognized Innovator By Tamani Lyn

Meet Houston, Texas’ very own - Kristi Jackson-Muhammad, M.B.A. Kristi Jackson-Muhammad is a well renounced Business Coach, Author, Speaker, and Global Business Strategist. With being able to impact over 300,000 female entrepreneurs over the course of nearly two decades, Kristi started Women CEO Project out of a personal need “to become a better, more consummate business professional.” Like many, Kristi attended women’s empowerment events still feeling uninspired and still in the same place not knowing what her next move should be.

Therefore, she started Women CEO Project on August 31st, 2010. Since then, she has been able to coach some of the top female business professionals in the United States.

Within only a couple years of founding Women CEO Project, she received her first White House recognition for her work to better the lives of women globally, in addition to her Humanitarian of the Year award, and has been able to work with companies like Chase, Wells Fargo, IBM, Google, Apple, and Capitol One.

“I ONLY teach what I know, what I've learned from doing, what I've accomplished and experienced myself and what I was educated on while getting my Mastery Level business degree in 2007. My first time hitting a million was 2015 ( while single ) and I’ve been building and growing within 3 businesses for 17 years total. You see-I was educated as a Corporate Business Consultant to go work for the man and consult ( aka-let them pimp out my brain) for their clients and pay me a fraction of the money, but here we are. I jumped ship and decided to consult the clients I chose and support the businesses I was passionate about. That is how we are here. I support you, your endeavors ➕YOU👉🏾getting that check.”

As Kristi Jackson-Muhammad is a woman who inspires us all, be sure to stay updated with her by following her professional social media platforms at @womenceoproject.

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