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How To Incorporate Tik Tok Into Your Brand's Social Media By Alexis Davis

Last year when the world was instructed to pause itself due to the pandemic, everyone was confined to

their homes looking for new ways to entertain themselves. From this, the already existing social media

platform, Tik Tok emerged and took over. Sometimes one finds themself opening one video and before

they know it, two hours have flown by! From the infamous Savage challenge by Megan Thee Stallion to

the at-home recipes, during quarantine, Tik Tok seemed to have a little something for everyone. Post-

quarantine, Tik Tok is aiding in helping people plan their vacations, making people laugh, find unique

places to dine, and most importantly, giving businesses a new way to connect with their desired

audience. Tik Tok can also be intimating for business owners because of the newness of the platform as

well as the false persona that other business mastered it overnight. With this Tik Tok business guide,

WOL bosses will be able to change their Tik Tok fears into an abundance of Tik Tok content!

First, just like anything else, a user must understand how the application works in order to get full usage

of the platform. To create content, users can use a variety of short video segments to stream together

into one long video. Another important aspect of Tik Tok is using hashtags or key words. For example, if

someone is creating a Tik Tok about things to do during a trip to New York City, they may use hashtags

Business owners also have extensive exposure at their fingertips by using Tik Tok because the app has

almost been downloaded almost 2 billion times and the average Tik Tok user opens the app eight times

a day. For our WOL bosses that have businesses geared towards women, it is especially important for

this crowd to obtain Tik Tok fundamentals because 60% of Tik Tok users are women.

Here are some great starting points for Tik Tok content creation!

1. To get your audience familiar with the face behind your brand, create a “get to know me” video for your audience. In this video, you can state your name, your age, where you are from, the

reason you started your business and one way your business is different from other businesses

that are similar to it. When people know the face behind the brand, your brand becomes more

personable and reliable.

2. Help your business supporters learn how to do something or create something. Think of

something you know how to well and break it down into about five to seven steps. These steps

should be easy to keep up with because you want to create a stress-free experience for the

person that is following the video. At the end of the video, leave off with something


3. Show off all the hard work you put into putting love and care into each product by taking

viewers behind the scenes to see how you package their purchases. Displaying how you package

your items can help build a relationship with your buyer without ever having direct

communication. It can also show the difference between you and a similar company both selling

purses. They may simply put it in plastic then ship it instead of writing a personalized note,

adding confetti or tissue paper to a custom box with their company’s name on it. Showing these

one-of-a-kind steps makes buyers feel like you truly appreciate their purchase as well show

someone who has never bought something to you what they’ll expect when the post ma rings

their doorbell.

4. Give your viewers a workspace tour. Quarantine has made many global citizens make their

homes more functional than ever! If you are one of those business owners that has needed to tap into their interior designer during this past year, take this opportunity to show that off. Getting the inside scoop of where the magic happens always makes customers happy. Outside of purchases, it may also inspire your audience to turn nothing into something. If you have an actual storefront or retail space, even better! It could possibly inspire someone who is at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey of what is to come to them if they keep working hard.

5. Bring your audience along in a day of the life of you. You can begin with your morning routine

with incorporating things like what you eat for breakfast, your favorite Starbucks drink or

morning mediation. You can continue with setting a to-do list for the day and how you prioritize

what gets done first and what will need the most time. Film yourself doing clips of some of these

tasks and lead until you are finishing up for the day. You can also show how you wind down for

the day which could include a face mask, watching your favorite Netflix or creating your favorite


These five content creation ideas are just the beginning to your Tik Tok journey. We look forward to all

the future content from our WOL bosses and can’t wait to see you take over Tik Tok. Happy Tik Toking!

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27 sept. 2023

This is a great list to start with!

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