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How Your Small Business Can Survive If Social Media Shuts Down Again By: Alexis Davis

The ongoing pandemic has caused many businesses to take a deeper look inside themselves. Other businesses prefer to stay connected with their desired consumers through social media. But what happens when social media is down? What happens if your business’ failed login attempts turn into being permanently locked out? Here at WOL, we have provided our bosses with a guide to keeping your business alive if social media crashes again.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential way to keep your customers informed. When sending emails out to your

customers and audience, it doesn’t always have to be promotional content. Sometimes sending a random thank you email to people that have previously supported can be well-received from your audience. Another thoughtful gesture is to send your customers holiday notes to wish them well into the season. When thinking about ways to get people to sign up for your email list, it can be helpful to provide some type of incentive. The incentive could be being the first to have access to an upcoming self. For service providers that primarily do bookings online, you can allow your email list access to book early.

2. Business Cards

Business cards provide dual exposure for a business. When going to different networking events and meeting people in-person having your business card handy can be the key to securing a lifetime connection. When people initially meet each other, their go-to is exchanging social media usernames. Instead of your first instinct being to share your account, take the second step and hand them a business card. A business card is an instant connect to your website, social accounts, number and email. Another way to make your business cards more appealing is to get a QR code made of a digital version of your card. Having the QR code handy is a great back-up option in case your run out of physical cards on-site.

3. Text Threads

The content used for email threads can also double as content for text messaging threads. The information sent out via text should be a shortened, more concise version of the email. Text threads are also the perfect time to get graphics involved. Marketing texts can also include links to your website or other promotional deals. In 2021, majority of your consumers or audience will have an iPhone which is the perfect opportunity for you to use emojis to add character to your message. It is important to not go overboard when using emojis, but if used correctly, it can be the perfect touch to your new mobile marketing tactic.

In conclusion, it is important to have faith and confidence in your small business outside of social media. Your business can survive another social media crash as long as you prepare for it. Implementing email marketing, business cards and text threads are all business necessities even if the social media world never crashes again. Learning how to reach your audition through various platforms will be one of the keys to the longevity of your business. Another piece of business that is often overlooked is “word-of- mouth.” Leaving a customer with a satisfying impression makes them more inclined to recommended you to the next.

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