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What CECRED's Launch Taught Us About Business By: Alyssa Caggiano

Beyoncé recently expanded her brand by launching a hair care line, CECRED, in February of this year. Expanding a brand has its challenges, so below are key takeaways we’ve gathered since CECRED’s launch:


1. Stay on Brand


Beyoncé is a brand within herself as an international superstar, which means aspects of her appearance become her brand as well. One of Beyoncé’s key features in appearance that has comprised her brand over the years is her hair. It is not typical to think of a particular person in the industry by a particular hair color or style, but it does for Beyoncé. This is why expanding into hair care “makes sense” for Beyoncé despite building herself as a brand within the entertainment industry. Likewise, as a WOL Boss, we are often the face of our brand in terms of content or networking. Expanding can be an additional service offered or a new launch altogether. Whichever way you choose to expand, brainstorming what is true to you and your brand will be vital to success.


2. Criticism Will Come


CECRED has taught us that staying on brand with expansion will bring criticism along the way. Beyoncé’s announcement of CECRED brought a lot of positive and negative feedback in regard to her relation to hair care. Negative criticisms highlighted the fact that Tina Knowles, her mother, is a professional hair stylist not herself. However, positive criticisms praised Beyoncé for finally creating her own line since her hair is notorious to her brand. CECRED’s launch shows us that there will always be some negativity when expanding into something new, but it should not deter you from taking that step. Expansion is necessary to keep your brand growing and thriving as time goes on, so be open to criticism that comes with your brand.


3.Timing is Everything


Expansion takes planning to have long-term success yet knowing the time to do so can be tricky. Beyoncé could have launched CECRED earlier in her career or could have waited to launch at a later date, yet she chose to do so now. There is never a perfect time to expand, which is why the “best” time to expand is when your brand is prepared to do so. Expanding too much too soon, or waiting too long to expand, can cause your brand to lose relevance compared to your competitors. Setting realistic goals and expectations for expansion can help you to have a timeline with seamless execution.


As a WOL Boss, expansion is necessary to continue to grow your brand. CECRED has taught us that staying on brand, being open to criticism, and setting a realistic timeline can aid in a successful expansion. With time, you can expand your brand by following these key takeaways! 

Here's what everyone is saying about CECRED so far. Be sure to comment to let us know if you'll be trying, soon!

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