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How To Incorporate Hanifa's Innovation Into Your Brand By: Alyssa Caggiano

Updated: Mar 8

A common theme behind any boss’s success story is innovation, and Anifa Mvuemba, founder of Hanifa, proves this to be true. Hanifa is a luxury clothing brand based in the DMV that has been recognized and worn by fashion icons including Naomi Campbell and Zendaya. Although Mvuemba founded Hanifa in 2012, it would take 8 years for the brand to achieve this level of success. Below are ways Mvuemba utilized innovation that you can incorporate into your brand:


Adapt to Setbacks

In 2020, brands found major setbacks with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Mvuemba adapted and developed a way to showcase her new collection by being the first designer to have a 3D digital fashion show. This caused Hanifa to go viral and stand out significantly as a brand in the fashion industry almost overnight. A key takeaway in Mvuemba’s innovation with Hanifa is the ability to adapt to setbacks as a business owner. Whether your brand is struggling or growing, there is always a way to adapt your brand to the needs of your target audience.



Collaboration and innovation can go hand in hand as seen with Hanifa. In December 2022, Mvuemba took part in designing a yellow knit dress for Black Fashion Fair’s partnership with Jean-Michael Basquiat. Although the collaboration was an exhibition of fashion, it further catapulted Hanifa’s reach across social media by showcasing her innovation in creativity. As a boss, Mvuemba shows collaborations are a great way to build your brand’s exposure. If you are unsure where to start, consider brands that align with your mission and have a similar following to your brand.


Branch Out in Branding


Innovation is not always what no one has seen yet, but what is new to your brand. Mvuemba decided to expand Hanifa by debuting Hanifa Bridal this past October. Although she had done bridalwear in the past by request, officially adding bridalwear to Hanifa shows it’s branding is capable of being multi-faceted. Moreover, it creates more sources of revenue and exposure to aid in the expansion of the brand. Similar to Mvuemba, it is critical to think of ways to branch out in branding and marketing as a boss to grow your business. Try WOL’s Branding Tree to aid in brainstorming ways to market and brand your business.


As a boss, innovation is a skill that can significantly impact your brand. Mvuemba has taught us that adapting to setbacks, collaborating, and branching out in branding are all elements of innovation. Whether your brand is big or small, Hanifa shows that innovation creates the lasting effects of success. 


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