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How to Launch Like Jackie Aina By: Alyssa Caggiano

Updated: 1 day ago

Jackie Aina is one of the largest beauty influencers to come from YouTube and successfully grow her personal brand into a luxury self-care brand. FORVR Mood has been featured in Bazaar and Oprah’s Magazine since its launch in 2020, but FORVR Mood has spread across social media yet again. Aina recently announced her fragrance launch that had followers waiting with anticipation. Below are ways to incorporate Aina’s strategies into your next product launch:


1.     Take Time to Plan


Aina revealed that her fragrance collection has taken four years of planning and experimenting! As a boss, your next launch may not require years of planning, but Aina knew it would take time to perfect her fragrances and branding. Between photography, marketing, packaging, and more, there is a lot that goes into a new launch. Taking time to plan and set a realistic timeline, which took Aina four years, is what sets apart a successful launch.


2.     Create Buzz


Part of planning is knowing how to create “buzz” for your launch. Aina achieved this by announcing each of her fragrances separately. She originally only announced one fragrance as part of FORVR Mood’s new launch. However, the announcement of another fragrance created the “buzz” surrounding the launch because social media followers weren’t expecting it. With each additional fragrance announcement, it sparked anticipation of how big the collection would be. If your upcoming launch can be revealed in parts as Aina did, you can also create the same “buzz” and anticipation around your brand.


3.     Offer Variety


Aina could have expanded FORVR Mood with one fragrance yet chose to offer a variety of four separate scents. Her original scent “I Am Her” would cater to a large amount of her following but not all. Offering a variety of scents allows more of her following to have interest in purchasing at least one or more of her fragrances in her collection. Whether you are launching a new service or product, having options helps appeal to more of your following and beyond.


A new launch is never easy as a Boss, but Jackie Aina taught us that planning, creating buzz, and offering variety will aid in the success of your brand.

Photo Creds: @forvrmood on Instagram.

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