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Staycation Locations For Bosses By Alexis Davis

No matter how many obligations or how jam packed a bosses schedule may be, everyone deserves a break. Breaks help to aid with mental health and give us a chance to reboot and refresh. Constantly being on the go may make one feel like they are successful, but at some point it will be hard to pour into your tasks with an empty cup. A benefit (out of the many) from taking a break can also be a chance for bosses to reevaluate their goals for the year, short term or long term. Every boss deserves a vacation, but sometimes we do not have time to plan an international trip let alone the time to actually go on one. But there is no need to worry! Your travel enthusiasts here at WOL have created the perfect guide for you and your upcoming staycation that you did not even know you needed, until now.

Location One For Bosses: Deep Creek, Maryland

Deep Creek, Maryland is the perfect getaway for our DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) bosses who are looking to get away with a group of friends or a simple vacation. Deep Creek also serves as a great dual location for either the summer or winter. They provide upscale style cabins as well as resort accommodations. Some activities to fill your time while taking on the adventure at Deep Creek include: Ten Thirty Nine Salon and Wisp Resort.

Location Two For Bosses: Lake Rabun, Georgia

Lake Rabun, Georgia is a true bang- for-your-buck destination! Lake Rabun is located right in the central “middle” of the North Georgia Mountains. This location is not for the boss that likes to constantly be on the go during vacation, this instead is for a boss that likes to slow down and smell the roses. If this is you Sis, you should invest in this location. Lake Rabun is also known for their two-story boat homes with river views.

Location Three For Bosses: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is the true definition of a hidden gem. Rehoboth is the perfect mix of fun, bliss, and relaxation. For our DMV bosses that want Miami, FL vibes, Rehoboth offers jet skis at over thirty locations with no reservations needed. Rehoboth also has their own housing system similar to AirBnB for vacation rentals looking out into the beach.

Location Four For Bosses: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is an essential for our WOL Bosses that want to get in touch with their inner child or try their luck at near by casinos. Atlantic City is known for Steel Pier that sits right on the city’s 1,000 foot boardwalk. Atlantic City is also for our bosses that enjoy exploring hotels. Most of their hotels have various restaurants inside, as well as having in house casinos.

With this guide, we hope that your next staycation is sooner than later, Sis! In order, to keep producing at your highest level, you must take a break. Taking a staycation can also be looked at as a way to reward yourself for all of the work you’ve done up until this point. When it’s all said and done, celebrating your wins, losses, and future accomplishments is all up to you – and the first step in doing this is letting your hair down at your upcoming staycation!

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Sep 13, 2023

Major Gem💎: A staycation can be a recharge & reward

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