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Why De'arra's Marketing Game with LORVAE is on Lock By: The WOL Team

Meet the Marketing Maven, De’arra Taylor. Memphis born and originally known for her raving social media influence and highly successful Youtube channel, De’arra has recently embarked on a new business, LORVAE. As she is no stranger to the fashion industry with past sold out collaborations with brands like PrettyLittleThing, FashionNova, and Savage x Fenty to name a few, an accessory line by way of LORVAE came as no surprise to her dominating this field.

With selling out of her initial launch within just minutes, De’arra has set the tone early on for her growing brand. But many wonder, how does she do it?

LORVAE for De'arra was created through a period of "re-birthing" her image, post-Youtube. As her female support base accounted for much of her support during her Youtube days, transitioning to a fashion brand aligned entirely with her new chapter.

If you can remember, De'arra was constantly going viral for her fashion looks between 2017-2020, which soon became a lane of influencership for her. However, instead of constantly supporting other companies - she decided to launch LORVAE. Take a look at the list of marketing tactics she has tried, below:

  1. LORVAE Launch Brunch

  2. LORVAE Introductory launch video marketing

  3. Influencer marketing

  4. Organic social media content

  5. Pop-up events

  6. And more

De'arra's marketing game with LORVAE is on lock because she is consistent, consumer-friendly, engaging, actively targets her niched audience, and is interactive with her influencer campaigns.

Take notes for your business, Boss! The success of your business could look the same.

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